New Release: Keep It Psychedelic Compiled By Regan

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Title: Keep It Psychedelic

Artists: Silo, Braincell, Laughing Buddha, Regan, Tristan, Mandala, Imaginarium, Dust, Earthspace, Melting Point, Outsiders, Magik, Burn In Noise, Circuit Breakers, Fearsome Engine, Hypnoise, Zephirus Kane, James West, Dickster, Menog, Kin, Pogo.

As true bastions of psytrance we want nothing more than to grab your mind by the disco tendrils, explode your braincells into infinite shards of slippery colourful wonder and reach for the highest moments of pure psychedelic grooviness !Nano Records boss-man Regan has built a shining beacon of powerful psychedelic trance and filled it with a massive collection of the finest illuminating artists to create this no-holds barred compilation of blasters that will reach deep into your psyche as the journey unfolds. 25 acts over 18 tracks spans a huge wealth of psychedelic talent, but somehow Regan has packed them all into this blistering compilation, just for you. What a guy!

Burn in Noise, Laughing Buddha, Dickster, Tristan, Avalon, Imaginarium, Braincell, Earthspace, Dust, Outsiders, Menog, Kin, Magik, Melting Point, Mandala, Circuit Breakers, Fearsome Engine, Zephirus Kane, James West, Silo, Hypnoise, Master Blasters, Pogo and Regan (yeah! him too) are all here, ready to help everyone Keep It Psychedelic!

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