Earthdance 2013

For The Love of Earthdance Cape Town 2013

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Earthdance is an annual festival that has taken place in over five hundred different locations in eighty participating countries all over the world! This gorgeous, colourful, green community styled festival initiative is as much about the joys and love of music within a brilliant atmosphere as it is about giving back to the community.

All of the Earthdance parties correlate at a certain time during the events in a beautiful global group prayer for peace. At this point, the music stops, the party pauses for a few minutes and a consciousness is raised towards spreading and receiving positive energy from and throughout the world. It’s this sort of holistic reverence that has kept the Earthdance brand thriving since 1997.

In the genuine spirit of all of the public Earthdance events, the festival organisers generously commit 50% of their door takings to charities of their choice within their community. These charities are geared towards sustainable living, peace and social justice. Earthdance Cape Town has already donated close to R 1,5 million since it has been running.

Earthdance Cape Town never disappoints and each of the organisers go to great lengths to ensure a banging party that is backed by a professional and uniquely tweaked setup that stimulates and invigorates party goers. Earthdance in its originality allows you to party with a conscience while reveling in a kaleidoscope of your senses.

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