Interview: DALA talks about ‘Sacred Vibrations’

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We talk to DALA about his new compilation Sacred Vibrations, Japanese people, and working with the visionary artist Aumega.

1. What is the main concept behind this compilation?

At first there was no specific ‘concept’ for the compilation, besides it being a collection of really amazing FUNkadelic grooves from all around the globe that makes you tingle inside, whether you usually listen to the style or not, it’s subconsciously contagious. As the journey unfolded, so did the ideas, with the core focus being that music/sound is obviously one of the most powerful tools that’s available to us, which affects our mental & spiritual bodies in more ways than we generally even comprehend. So along this line of thinking the idea of the Sacred Vibrations came to light. As you might notice in the cover design there is a lot of sacred symbolism & also the use of ‘12’. Originally the compilation was planned to have 12 tunes, represented by the 12 symbols, each one feeding into ‘the whole’ at the center merkaba through spiraling DNA strands. But before sending to mastering I came across another 3 tunes that I felt I just had to include, as their vibes were so strong!

2. The artwork for the album has been done by visionary artist Aumega. What was it like working with him?

It was super easy, as we both have similar ways of thinking about things. When I was chatting to him about ideas for the cover artwork he knew exactly what to do, which is what he does best. All of his art creations have sacred symbolism throughout. He kept me updated as the image developed and every time was amazingly next level! So many details within the details, but still clean & super powerful.

3. How much work vs how much enjoyment was it to put the compilation together?

At the beginning it was all fun & games contacting my flavourite psy-sorcerers from around the world to see what fresh sounds they had available for release, listening through so much amazing music until something would just resonate in my very being… sure you know ‘that’ feeling.
As it got closer to the intended release date the pressure started to build to make sure all the finer details felt just right. Being an eternal Virgo perfectionist it did add a bit of nerves to the whole process, but was still super fun I thrive on pressure.
I have to admit it took a lot longer then I initially thought it would, but you can’t rush art. And ultimately I am very happy with the way the universe unfolded throughout the journey.

4. Any tracks on the album that you love above the others for one reason or another?

To be honest I don’t think I could ever choose a favourite of this collection, as each one has its own unique magic that makes it perfect per the moment.

5. You are currently in Japan, is Japan really as amazing as we hear?

It’s totally next level in so many ways! Besides the major differences in language, the advanced future technologies & highest level of quality across the board, the heart-felt vibes from the beautiful people here is beyond amazing (sugoi!). Truly a top-draw example for the rest of the world to follow by way of respect for all things & pure humble pride in everything they do. It is an absolute honour to have the opportunity to experience here more.

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