UK PSYCHEDELIC – compiled by Tristan

UK PSYCHEDELIC - compiled by Tristan


Tristan, the internationally acclaimed juggernaut of the psytrance familia has compiled a scorching selection of tracks from the best of UK psychedelic producers.  Featuring the likes of Avalon, Dickster, Laughing Buddha, Raja Ram, Aphid Moon, Master Blasters, Sonic Species, Sybarite, Nigel, Magik, K.i.M and of course Tristan himself, this collection of tunes is sure to burn any dance floor to maximum effect.  And here it is for you, totally free!!

  1. Beautiful Garden – Tristan and Raja Ram
  2. Ancient Knowledge (Avalon Rmx) – Cosmosis vs Burn In Noise
  3. Sonic Staircase – Sybarite
  4. Tokyo Sunrise – Sonic Species
  5. Blue Shaft – Tristan and Magik
  6. Free Induction – K.i.M
  7. Meerlust – Master Blasters
  8. Weird Effects – Laughing Buddha
  9. Cosmic Order – Aphid Moon
  10. Trigger – Dickster
  11. Purple Om – Tristan & Nigel

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