Killerwatts are Upon us, the LONG awaited collaboration between Tristan and Avalon the two heavyweight Nano trance masters. This is set to be a no holds barred smash up of all the things you love about these two great artists. We can’t wait to show it to you!

After 2 years in the making, in between intense touring around the globe. Avalon and DJ Tristan Bring you there new album Blow Your Mind, Out soon on NANO RECORDS.

This much anticipated collaboration between Tristan, one of the true souls of Goa and Avalon, the most explosive project in recent years from Nano’s stable of trance warriors, is finally here.  The two complimentary styles battle for your senses and weave their magic around your psyche.  Pulling you deeper and deeper into their alternative reality.  Opening you up, layer upon layer with spine tingling precision.

Without even a release, Killerwatts have become a recognised force in 2011 with gigs like Sonica, Antaris, Aurora, Tribe, Universo, Soulvision, Glade, Glastonbury, Origin,  Burning Man,

Boom, Ozora, Glade, Eclipse Australia 2012,  Indian Spirit and many more. Are you ready to ‘Blow your mind’