Thamara Cruz known as Altruism/DJ Thatha first came into contact with Psytrance in 2000, which made her very interested in working as a Dj in the scene. At the end of 2002, she began her career mixing vinyl records, and attending the alternative scene in Brazil which assured her being a professional psytrance Dj and producer is what she wanted to be.

Thatha has a psychedelic and sophisticated style, adapting herself perfectly to any dancefloor, never losing her concise base in the underground and with an outstanding technique, her music is full of rhythm, light and charm.

She produced tracks with renowned Brazilian artist Burn in Noise which are  in his second album “Passing Clouds”. With this experience behind her, Thatha dedicated herself to producing more of her own music and now makes her solo live act called “Altruism.”

In July 2010 Thatha launched her first compilation; Magic Mirror, which includes three of her own tracks.

Thatha has performed at many parties, clubs and festivals around the world such as Vuuv Festival (Germany), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Sonica Festival (Montenegro), Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Ultra Music Festival (Russia), Universo Paralello (Brasil), Monte Mapu Festival (Chile), Trancendence Festival (Brasil), etc